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September 20, 2019:

Apologies for not updating for a while. I've been busy with a bunch of things over the last year and a half. I'll likely be gone for some more time, but I felt that I could at least update you all on what's been happening.


March 17, 2018:

A video of me giving my thoughts on the Dell Inspiron 9400 (or E1705) has been added on the Videos page. Take a look, if you are interested!

March 9, 2018:

I've added a Touhou video on the Videos page. Check it out!

February 8, 2018:

I've finally added a video to the Videos page. When I've made more videos, I'll be sure to post it on the website.

February 1, 2018:

A happy belated new year to you all! It's been quite some time since the last update. Many things have happened since. I learned many things about game development and entered many game jams. It was a productive year, but not nearly as productive as I wanted it to be. As for other updates, I have made a few changes to the website.

March 20, 2017:

Just finished my entry for the Paint Jam on yesterday. My entry can be seen here. It's far from complete, though - I'm planning on finishing this, post-jam, since I think it has some potential. In a related topic, I'm currently entered in the TyranoBuilder 2017 Jam as well; as far as this jam goes, I have more than a month before my entry for it is due, so I have lots of time for it.

March 9, 2017:

Wow! I haven't updated in a super long time! I've been busy learning about game dev and stuff, so I almost forgot about the website. Because I finally remembered, I updated a few things, like the Links page (added a link to my personal page--no, this is not the pro one). There are a couple of other things I want to update on this website; I will keep you all updated on it, so don't worry.