I like computers, but I'm not very savvy with them. Here are some of the computers I like to use. Note that all of these I bought used for, like, $20 each. They are marvels in today's age of technology.

This is my Panasonic Toughbook CF-27, Mk IV. It originally ran Windows 2000, but I installed Windows 98 SE on it. It used to have 320 MB RAM, but was downgraded to 192 MB due to a CMOS battery problem. Aside from that issue, it rocks a Pentium III 500 MHz processor, an 800x600 24-bit color capable screen, and a lightning-fast 80 GB 7200 RPM HDD. It also has a touchscreen. 'Tis a true powerhouse.

The CF-27 is the ultimate workstation for the creative person, allowing the use of Photoshop 6.0 and Illustrator 9.0. It runs Flash MX and Dreamweaver MX with relative ease - ideal for any web designer.

This is my Dell Inspiron 2600. A fine piece of machinery. The battery is completely dead, and they're rather pricey for a poor drunk like myself. It has no WiFi, (neither does the CF-27) since it was still very new back in 2000-2001.

This originally ran Windows XP SP1, but I replaced it with Windows 2000 SP4, because of the following specs. It had 512 MB RAM, but was downgraded to 256 MB, as I needed one of its RAM sticks for another laptop (coming soon); a Pentium III 1 GHz processor, a 1024x768 screen capable of displaying 32-bit color, and a blazing-fast 100 GB 7200 RPM HDD.

This is my Sony Vaio R505JSK. It is running Windows 2000. I took a 256 MB stick from the Inspiron 2600 and put it in here, maxing it out to 384 MB. Its specs are similar to the Toughbook, except for the 800MHz Pentium III processor and 1024x768 resolution monitor. I accidentally broke off the F3 key during upgrade. It comes with an expansion dock.

Like the Toughbook, the R505JSK works wonders, and I even have several game projects being developed with it. It easily runs hot, however.

This is my Dell Inspiron 9400 (aka E1705). It is running Windows XP. It currently has a total of 2 GB RAM, sporting a 2 GHz Core Duo CPU, an ATI T1400 GPU, and a massive 500 GB 7200 RPM HDD.

I used this extensively for the last 2 years (as of 2018) for most of the games I made. I used this more than I did my ASUS ROG during 2017--and I even bought a VR set for the latter last December.

This is my mid-2006 Macbook. It was running 10.4 (Tiger) but upgraded it to 10.6 (Snow Leopard). It has 2 GB RAM, a 2 GHz Core Duo CPU, and a 320 GB 7200 RPM HDD.

I have a mid-2011 Mac Mini set up in my den, but don't use it nearly as often as I use this Macbook. I made this website with it, along with other pseudo-retro Mac tasks with it, like use iWork 08 to write drafts and articles, and iPhoto 6 to edit some photos I took with my old mirrorless camera.

I also have a Toshiba Satellite Pro M70, an iBook G4 that I broke during an upgrade, and a Toshiba Satellite Pro 405CS, but I don't want to bring them out at the moment. Maybe some time in the future, I'll add these to the list.